“You can’t dance well on one leg” Mozambican proverb

We are deeply indebted to all of our partners and donors.

Very special thanks to Leda Marritz and Meredith Watts for assistance with website and newsletter content, and to Sue McConnell for selected images. We specifically thank our Mozambican partners, the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Mozambique, the Niassa Reserve Management team, Niassa tourism operators, Mecula and Mavago District Authorities, Niassa teachers, and the Mbamba community. Our work would not have been possible between 2003 and 2011 without the support of SRN (the management authority of Niassa Reserve) and it’s Executive Director, Anabela Rodrigues. Since 2012, the Reserve has been managed in a co-management agreement between Wildlife Conservation Society and Ministry of Tourism, and we are grateful for continued support and collaboration. We are so grateful to our long term funding and conservation partners, Wildlife Conservation Network, Houston Zoo, and Panthera who provide support on so many levels including ongoing funding, skills development and field and administrative support.

Conservation cannot be achieved alone. We are proud to be founding members of Pride: Lion Conservation Alliance and thank Leela, Steph, Alayne, Amy and Shiv for all the support you provide on every level. We are also active members of the African Lion Working Group (Special Matters Committee), a founding member of the Lion Recovery Fund (WCN) and members of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group and Canid Specialist Group. We thank all our individual donors and funding partners, past and present. Your ongoing assistance is so important to us, whether you provide $50 or $50,000, it all goes into the field and helps us move forward. We salute you!

To Velasques Elementary School a very hearty thank you for supporting our annual Mbamba Lion Fun Day every year.

A special thanks to those individuals and organisations who have so generously been major donors of the project since 2003. We can never thank you enough but hope that the stable lion population in Niassa and increasing number of people with alternative livelihoods goes some way to paying the debt. African Wildlife Foundation, Anadarko, Blue Foundation, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, CGMK Foundation, Fair Play Foundation, Gemfields, Charles and Stephanie Knowles, Handsel Foundation, Hogle Zoo, Houston Zoo, Johnson Scholorship Fund, Laguntza Foundation, LanMar Foundation, Mary Boardman Trust, Pride, Kristan and Peter Norvig, Rebecca Patton and Thomas Goodrich, Panthera, Piuze Foundation, Rufford Innovation Award, Susan McConnell and Richard Scheller, Karie and David Thomson, Tapeats Fund, John and Audrey Ruggieri, The Walt Disney Company, The Woodtiger Fund, Woodman Foundation, Wildcat Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Network, Wildlife Conservation Society, Zynga.


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