The Niassa Carnivore Project (NCP) is administered by our South African not for profit company TRT Conservation Foundation (TRT CF) (2017/024322/08). The Ratel Trust (established in 2004) transitioned into TRT CF to meet foreign exchange and accounting requirements.

The Foundation is managed by three Directors (C. Begg, K. Begg and S. Clark).

The main objectives of this conservation foundation are:

  • To promote the coexistence of African wildlife and people to ensure that wild places and animals persist into the future; and
  • To promote and implement projects that support the conservation of African wild places and wildlife through protected area management and community based conservation and development and the education and skills development of the local people; and
  • To support people and conservation projects both financially and otherwise that are implementing projects or activities consistent with these wildlife and community based conservation objectives; and
  • To solicit donations and contributions and to apply these towards attaining the wildlife and community based conservation related objectives.

TRT CF prides itself on transparency, excellent financial reporting and distribution of funds to field programs. There is no foundation office to ensure funds go directly to the field.

TRT CF is also the 75% shareholder in Mariri Investimentos, our Mozambican company that administers concession L5 South in Niassa Reserve, Mozambique. This structure is necessary to ensure that we meet all legal, labour and tax requirements in Mozambique.