The future of the NSR is as much about its people as it is about the wildlife. With NSR residents having little opportunity to experience the wilderness around them, wildlife is either regarded as food, threat or income. Limited educational services are available and most families rely on consumptive use of natural resources. Finding a way for people to live with wildlife is the conservation challenge.

In 2012, we took over the management of concession L5 South through a long-term contract with the Mozambican Government. We manage this concession in partnership with Mbamba Village governed by a conservation contract. Mbamba is a village of 2000 people and they live inside the concession inside Niassa Special Reserve. With a long term view in mind, we partnered with Mbamba village to build the Mpopo Trails Camp, creating an alternative sustainable  livelihood from conservation

This is conservation tourism. With the full participation and support of the Mbamba people, Mpopo Trails Camp and the Mpopo Trails Experience was designed to generate ongoing, sustainable employment and income with as much of the money as possible going within 20km of the camp and to support Niassa Special Reserve. This creates a direct link and incentive for conservation.  All profits from this tourism experience are reinvested into community and conservation projects like the school lunch program, employment in conservation services (opening roads, construction, tourism), collection of thatching grass, creation of crafts. Even the menu is locally derived with as much food as possible bought locally (honey, small livestock, vegetables, peanuts).  In addition, Mbamba receives a bed night fee for their conservation fund for their own community projects for every visitor.

Come visit us and let us show you exactly where your money goes.


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